Corner/Angle Beads



On all plas­tered or ren­dered cor­ners and reveals to ensure a straight arris and to offer pro­tec­tion against impact.


25 no x 2.5m lengths in fibre­board boxes.

25 no x 2.8m lengths in fibre­board boxes.

25 no x 3.0m lengths in fibre­board boxes.


If mechan­i­cal fas­ten­ings are used, these must be stain­less steel when using the beads exter­nally. When fix­ing a CB4 or CB6 bead, ensure care is taken to not dis­tort, twist or bend the PVCu beads out of shape. A con­tin­u­ous line of adhe­sive mor­tar is pre­ferred, dub­bing out irregularities.


Cur­rently Ren­der­plas Beads are avail­able in Aus­tralia in Sand (Cream). How­ever the beads are avail­able upon request in a fur­ther twelve colours (White, Ivory, Brick, Ter­ra­cotta, Wheat, Peach, Salmon, Maize, Slate, Dove, Sky, Willow).

Code Descrip­tion Ren­der
Depth (mm)
per box (kg)
per box
CB4S 4mm Depth Cor­ner Bead (2.5m) 4–6 9.915 25 Sand
CB6S 6mm Depth Cor­ner Bead (2.5m) 6–8 10.770 25 Sand
CB6AS 6mm Depth Cor­ner Bead (2.8m) 6–8 11.330 25 Sand
CB6MS 6mm Depth Cor­ner Bead (3.0m) 6–8 12.865 25 Sand


Click here for Cor­ner Bead Specifications
Click here for BS EN 13914–1:2005 — exter­nal Rendering

Product Range

Product Range